Your meeting with digital voting

This is how it works

1. Enter the votes and elections to be held, and the eligible voters, including proxies, vote weightings or postal ballots, in the votebox voting software.

2. For online meetings, use your preferred video conferencing tool. Send the URL for the web app and the personal access codes to the eligible voters. The voters open the web app in any web browser on a smartphone, tablet or PC and authenticate themselves.

2. For in-person meetings, plug the wireless receiver into the computer and distribute the handsets to your members.

3. Open a vote or an election. The eligible voters vote. Display the results in real time.


Detailed overview of functions

Manage meeting agenda

  • Import of voting items from MS Excel or manual input
  • Votes with Yes/No/Abstain
  • Elections with single or multiple candidate selection
  • Secret/open ballot
  • Simple / absolute / qualified majority or no calculation
  • Live updating during the meeting possible, e.g. new voting items / new candidates / change of ballot type (secret/open)

Manage voter details

  • Import of voter data from MS Excel or manual input
  • Weighting i.e. number of votes / shares per eligible voter
  • Group / party affiliation
  • Proxies
  • Live updating during the meeting possible, e.g. changes to attendees, eligible voters or proxies
  • Generation of participant and attendance lists

Control voting

  • Opening and closing of votes
  • Showing/hidding voting options or results for the audience
  • Display of number of votes cast or missing votes, with or without names, preview of results
  • Simulation of vote before the meeting possible

Display to the audience

  • Voting items and options
  • Live results during the vote/election or immediately after
  • Quorum, number of votes and percentage, with or without decision
  • Voter names for each voting option / candidate
  • Results by group / party
  • Customizable layout

Access history and print reports

  • Access to data from all current or past meetings, including list of voting items, voters and results
  • Report by voting item or full event record
  • Print during or after the meeting
  • Customizable MS-Excel templates
  • Reports in MS Excel or PDF format

Safeguard all election principles

  • Transparent presentation and recording of results
  • No duplicate voting possible
  • Unique and reliable identification of eligible voters
  • Secret ballot: no link between vote cast and identity of voter